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What is yours, but others use it more than you do?

I'm known as Boris Airay, I'm also referred to as the Cheshire. There are many things I enjoy: Guns, Roses, Games and Riddles, I'm more interested in you though, so why don't you tell me something?

(Independent Boris Airay RP blog. All art is not mine unless stated. Will rp with most fandoms.)

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18973.) Omelette du fromage
The call of your voice is my everything.
—Klaus von Wolfstadt - Maiden Rose (Hyakujitsu no Bara)
surroundedbyhosts sent:
◎ "Then are you still in love with him? When you're with me, do you think of him?"

"Maybe a small bit of feeling is there but I dont think of him when im with you."

surroundedbyhosts sent:
Send a ◎ and a question and my muse must answer, even if it’s a secret. "Do you still have feelings for Blood?"

"I uh…"

"I maybe.. just a little… but its really nothing!!"

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"Listen to me, no matter what you do I'll always love you, you're stuck with me for better or for worse."

"I’m gladly stuck with you, Rory. I love you."


Alice poured the cat boy a mugful, leaving a bit of room. She placed it in front of him, as well as a small container of cream and sugar. “Here you go. I hope you like it. Some people prefer theirs sweetened or with milk, so you can experiment and see what you like.”


"Here goes nothin~" He mumbled softly to himself, grasping the mug firmly and bringing it to his lips. It was really hot, but not so much that it hurt his mouth when he drank it. It was a little bitter but sweet at the same time, he really didnt know how he felt about it as he started to gulp it down. 

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