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What is yours, but others use it more than you do?

I'm known as Boris Airay, I'm also referred to as the Cheshire. There are many things I enjoy: Guns, Roses, Games and Riddles, I'm more interested in you though, so why don't you tell me something?

(Independent Boris Airay RP blog. All art is not mine unless stated. Will rp with most fandoms.)

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thecutestmonkeygirl sent:
Is fast asleep, naked and covered only by the famous pink boa.


“…?” Blink blink. “What do you mean by that? Don’t you have a home?” Lyth was obviously new to the area, and possibly not even unable to comprehend what was happening. The dragoness tapped a crooked finger against her chin in thought. “Or are there rules regarding some things like that?”

"Of course I have a home, well its more like a place I crash but still a home… I think. Anyway- its not in the towny direction you’d be wanting. Why? Are you interested in coming home with me~? Of course I might get scolded for bringing a girl back to my place." He giggled playfully, fluffing some of the pink hair out of his face. 


Oh, so he wanted something in return, did he?

“Well,” Lyth closed her eyes, before opening one in contemplation. “I suppose when I open my store up, you will be the first customer to have a free pass at whatever it is you want.” Within reason, of course.

"Hmm… maybe…" He drawled out, thinking it over in his head against all and any other things he might want. "I mean, if whatever your store carries is worth the eventual loss of your company. Because if I do help you into town then you’ll leave me,”

Your muse notices mine being flirted with! How do they react?

Bonus points if they admit to being jealous.

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Lyth looked up in confusion… where was she? Probably lost.



Wow her sense of direction was terrible lately, she wondered why that was. 

Noting the feline-esque boy a few feet away in a tree, she cautiously approached them, looking up with what she hoped was a neutral expression, “Excuse me, but apparently I’m rather lost. Can you point me the way to a village or town?” 

He hopped down,
"I guess, well maybe I can. What’s in it for me?" He replied in a cheery manner, tilting his head slightly as his amber eyes examined the stranger.