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~ωεℓςσмε тσ ωσηdεrℓαη∂~♥
What is yours, but others use it more than you do?

I'm known as Boris Airay, I'm also referred to as the Cheshire. There are many things I enjoy: Guns, Roses, Games and Riddles, I'm more interested in you though, so why don't you tell me something?

(Independent Boris Airay RP blog. All art is not mine unless stated. Will rp with most fandoms.)

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~ O F F L I N E~

// Big day tomorrow and horrible chest pains~ I think its time to start winding down for the night~  

Feel free to check out my ooc contact info page if you wanna talk to me until I pass out

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// I’m 9 away from my next 100 //

Send my character a ► and a command. They must obey.

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"Boris, huh? That’s an interesting name! To be honest my real name is Gou but it’s a bit manly so I tend to go with Kou. It’s much cuter,"

"Heh, I’m just Boris," He laughed again softly, "But I do like Kou, its cute and unique… a lot like you," He purred. 

Send “Can I kiss you?” to see how my muse responds.

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